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The New Album “Anti-Solipsism pt.1 Creatures”

Release date: May 22nd 2014– REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. enters the studio for the third time, this time to record their first full-length album. SOAPBOX MUSIC in partnership with Ein mangfaldig kar (EMK) will release this first act in the newest gospel by REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. The first in the Anti series, 5 of 13 songs recorded live in one day in the old Härlanda prison in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Prison was designed by the architect Gustaf Lindgren and ready for use in 1907. In 1997 it was declared a listed historical building, The last prisoner moved out of the prison in 1997. What better place to explore your feelings of isolation than a cold prison floor. “Spending the weekend and setting up to record this record was a moving experience. I got sick, had fever dreams and was almost tempted to abandon the project. But once we got going we just could not stop.”
– Claudius

“These songs that we have selected for you are ones we have carried with us for a few years now, sharpening there edges we attempted to give them to as we did night after night at our live shows… But begin the showmen we are we added just a little bit of extra spice for ya. We brought in a few friends.”
– Claudius

The album will be released in two parts. The first act “Anti – Solipsism pt. 1… Creatures” has now been completed. Recorded by Roger Langvik, artwork designed by Jakob Bue, it illustrates the idiosyncrasies and delusions of a mad man lead by his ego and weighted down by his pride.

REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. started in 2007 and have since then played over 500 shows in 9 different countries. Originating in New York now living Copenhagen this band of characters (The Sandman, Angeryman, Colonel Taz and the Silk City Kid) have formed a unique brand of music something they refer to as “soapbox music” celebrating the “American Sound” or what some refer to as roots music. But it does not stop there, there’s a distinct guttural sound that gains its power from the primitive and distinct polyrythems of Africa and the Anti-establishmentarianism of youth movements like punk-rock and hip-hop.




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