Magnificent Music 10 Year Anniversary Showcase September 10th 2016

@ Roadrunners Rock & Motor Club

Saarbrücker Str. 24
Berlin 10405

ANGERYMAN – A.K.A Gamiel Stone SOLO Show….

SHOW:Saturday 10.09. at 21:15


You are cordially invited to “Magnificent Music 10 Year Anniversary Showcase”
Celebrating 10 years MAGNIFICENT MUSIC.

In September 2006 MAGNIFICENT MUSIC held their first concert with Cherry Overdrive, The Magnificent Brotherhood and La Ira De Dios at Berlin’s Roadrunner’s Club. Now 10 years later they bring a host of other acts to the club as well as four other locations throughout Germany & Denmark.

Specialists in Retro, Psych, Vintage & Stoner rock, they  look back on these 10 years, 2,500 appearances booked for about 60 bands and hope that you will come celebrate what has been an inspiring start to A “Magnificent” Agency that prides its self on bring you the best music on the scene….

ANGERYMAN aka Gamiel Stone (of Bands: REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. & HODJA) will be performing in his first solo show in many years. Come check out some new songs to add to your SOAPBOX MUSIC experience.

Now in his 7th year with REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. and his second year with HODJA the ANGERYMAN is working on something new… It’s a “RECKONING” of the soul of a man lost in the world, wandering the globe looking for a place to thrive… Free of spiritual genocide… “Man is born a nomad and thus is his calling… The over development of city life has left many of us burdened with debut and neurosis that were previously unimaginable…” The ANGERYMAN bares all and in his confessions he finds his solace….

In the borough of Greenwich, on a damp winter’s night– a child is born. It is Christmas and the paternity ward where his mother lies is all but deserted. Most of the residents have gone home to be with their loved ones. A young woman twenty-five year of age lay on a hospital bed, tranquil, transformed by her experience of labor. She enjoys a candle lit dinner that’s been prepared by the nurses. Amongst the white sheets and sterilized instruments, in the dim light of her serene room he came into this world, quietly. His birth is not so significant–it is just another birth in a ward of a hospital, in a borough of a town, in a city called London.

She is a West African immigrant from Freetown, Sierra Leone. His Father is said to have been A Secret Society Elder, He had already fulfilled his purpose in this world and now walked amongst ghosts…



Berlin –

Berlin –

Click on the image above to watch “The Candidate” new video and first single from Anti-Solipsism pt.1 “Creatures”.
Click on the Album cover to purchase the album directly from the band or buy it on iTunes.
For a physical copy of the limited run (only 500 copies) go here.


See what they are saying about Hodja… From “Be-Subjective” German webzine

Google translation:

Hodja – is the side project of the insane Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. – Voodoo Blues priest and singer Claudius Pratt and his drummer Matthias. Hodja are bare bones Garage Blues & Black Rock ‘n’ Roll, turn any Kascheme in a sweaty, dancing cave. Hodja! Devilry! Madness debut. Superlatives. Hodja is the dark side of rock & roll. An heir to the skeleton reduced sound, Leadbelly and similar roots as the sound of bands like The Black Keys or The White Stripes. But the trio reminds us especially every minute to one thing: the fact that the rock & roll is black, black and sexy as Hell…


Read full article here.


We want to thank Arne Gesemann of NOISOLUTON records for having the courage to work with those of us who exist on the edge of society… We would also like to thank Alexander Schulze of MAGNIFICENT MUSIC for bringing us together and lets not forget about Brother Grimm for bringing us to MAGNIFICENT MUSIC… Peace and Love my Brother.. Take a look at what 20 years of hard work brings you… “Love and Respect!”


The Eight Immortals


will release 8 new songs that will complete the Anti Solipsism Manifesto…

All ye who enter here… go from here with no less than you brought in… May you find the wisdom you seek whether shallow or deep…


(Chinese: 八仙; pinyin: Bāxiān; Wade–Giles: Pa¹-hsien¹) are a group of legendary xian (“immortals; transcendents; saints”) in Chinese mythology. Each Immortal’s power can be transferred to a power tool (法器) that can bestow life or destroy evil. Together, these eight tools are called the “Covert Eight Immortals” (暗八仙 àn ~). Most of them are said to have been born in the Tang or Song Dynasty. They are revered by the Taoists and are also a popular element in the secular Chinese culture. They are said to live on a group of five islands in the Bohai Sea, which includes Penglai Mountain-Island.



8 songs that will complete the Anti Solipsism Manifesto…

Eight pints make a gallon.

Eight is the third number that stays the same when written upside down.

There are eight legs on a spider, barring accidents. Scorpions also have eight legs.

An eight is a racing boat with eight oars. Its crew is also called an eight. There are eight people in a tug-of-war team.

Some large car engines have eight cylinders.

According to Indian mythology, the Earth is supported on the backs of eight white elephants.

Before the rise of Christianity, there were eight days in the Greek and Roman weeks.

In preparation of the our up coming tour in 2015 we have taken these new press photos. Taken by Karina Tengberg in our secrete lair in epicenter of København…. enjoy!





Codeword reveal: Gracious

The code word is not to be released until 12:00pm

Details: In-Store Promotion & Concert @ Route 66 Fælledvej 3, 2200 København N, Denmark. 4:00pm – 6:00pm EVENT LINK

Instructions: Upon entering the store you must reveal the password/codeword to the attendant at the counter. You will be told if you are a prizewinner.

On Thursday December 11th multiple social network and media sources will pass out a code word… for entering in the “Anti-Solipsism” sweepstakes:

• Red Bull Studios CPH will announce it on their website
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• Claudius Pratt (Your Profile)
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• Plus selected blogs and media will join in to promote this Supermonumentous contest…
• Visit the Facebook event to find out the code word and how to use it

In preparation of the our up coming tour in 2015 we have taken these new press photos. Taken by Karina Tengberg in our secrete lair in epicenter of København…. enjoy!


“Anti-Solipsism and that Old-Time Religion”

“Anti-Solipsism pt. I Creatures” limited Edition Vinyl



Order your copy of the limited edition vinyl now from our site.
Only 100 copies remaining!

Anti Solipsism pt.1 order the vinyl from!





Thank you...

Thank you…





Maor Harel
Jun 22nd, 11:20am
Your vinyl came back with us to israel! Love your music! Was a amazing night at paradiso! Thank you. Will love to help you if you come here some day..

The Shows through the fans eye:

June 16 at 5:17pm · Echt, Netherlands ·
We had the honor to see you at Kids ‘n’ Billies, you guys were totally awesome !!! Thanks for this amazing experience


June 15 at 9:54pm · Arnhem, Netherlands ·
Thanx for an amazing show in Arnhem today, after the show i bought the cd and ep, and at home i bought the new cd online. Hope to see you soon again, but hopefully in a more intimate setting! You guys RULE!!


Christian Jobst
Jun 22nd, 11:40pm
Your album is also great! Thank you for orange blossom special, thank you for bringing the dirty south into future and please come to salzburg for a gig!!


Rob de la Rie
Jun 15th, 11:35am
Dear people,

Yesterday I worked for 16 hours on Woodlum festival, just for the love of music. Your show was magic, really had a great time mixing you guys. Moments like these make it all worthwhile.

I look forward to meeting you again, please let me know when you get back to Holland, I’d be happy to take care of your sound again.



Mathijs Nokkert
Jun 15th, 3:30pm
We loved your music, at the park in Arnhem. thanks


June 9 at 11:04pm ·
It was an amazing concert at orange blossom special festival! you guys blew my mind!!!

Sebastian Müller I second that!



The Album:


dear claudius,

woooouuuuuuaaahhhh, i listened to you record, this morning: it’s very intense and fantastic!!!
i think i even like it more even than your former recordings!! is it a new guitarrist? it sounds more “garage-rock” and a little less “jazz” to me (only at first listen) – am i right? i heard david bowie, tom waits, the romantics (talking in your sleep)… i love it a lot!!

– susie reinhardt – ByteFM –


Original Article:

English Translation (By Google):
Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. – Anti-Solipsism Part One – Creature
Is it an EP or a mini album, we are dealing with? Reverend Snake Oil Co.’s New album consists of five tracks, so it’s probably almost an EP. It also fits with the fact that it is accompanied by a volume II later this year. But perhaps it is also stated that the album format is a little on the crisis in the streaming and vinyl times?

But do these outside circumstances exist Reverend Snake Oil Co. In its small album made a very worthy listen plate in the textual universe is a showdown with the spirit of the time penchant for self-indulgence. And to achieve just the right atmosphere has the multinational band – frontman Claudius Pratt, Justin Moses, Martin Ollivierre and Matthias Klein – terminated the recording sessions for the former prison. But perhaps the most a clever gimmick!?

The music, however, no failed. The good band is at the throat of the American musical tradition and plays a full-fat rock added a number of natural additives in the form of blues and garage rock. It is already evident in the first track “The Candidate” where Pratt rough, hoarse, rusty voice is surrounded by a striking guitar and a harmonica frenetically, drawing directly on the blues tradition. Song # 2 – “The Truth” – is something of a rock ballad that is built around drums and banging noise that initiates the song and puts a complex rhythmic layers along with rhythm guitar under Pratt’s troubled voice.

Pratt sounds like a man under torture who moans and plagues to be pardoned and set free. And instrumentalist have to be changed to take the lead in the songs, all of which appear to be modern rock versions of the blues song that became the Confederate cotton fields. And you did not know better, one could be forgiven for thinking that the plate had been in the marshlands in the American South. But it is not so. And it underscores just how international the so-called Americana has become. The grown here there and everywhere – not least in Denmark.

This recommended.

Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. – Anti-solipsism part one – Creatures – Soapbox Music. Release of tomorrow.
Original Article:

English Translation (By Google):
Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. is not a company in South America to drill for oil. But a band that mixes everything from swing to rock and blues in a somewhat spicy style. The nationalities are mixed with frontman Claudius Pratt, born in London, raised in the United States, living in Copenhagen. New Yorker, Justin Moses on guitar, Sønderjyden Martin Ollivierre on bass and German Mathias Klein on drums.

The debut album is called “Anti-Solipsism part one – Creature” and the first part of 2 udgvielser. These are published in collaboration with Soapbox MUSIC and Ein Mangfaldig Kar (EMC).
The album, which more be called an EP consists of 5 songs in English.
In The Candidate, the listener shaken well and truly up in a mixture of rock’n’blues the lead singer Claudius give it as a noise rocker. The soundtrack keeps quite well with lots clout and accordion tunes.
A small sneakpeak in the blues genre of Mrs.. Brown will also, when darkness mixed with whiskey, smoke and dim lighting. The laid-back song, Mrs.. Brown, is an atmospheric gem when it comes out on the late night hours when alcohol has come close to the body and the sun has gone down long ago. Both the guitar, harmonica and vocals since creates a fine atmosphere as definitely should be experienced live, just once in a lifetime.
A trance-creating guitar riff cuts through the song Home. The mood has climbed down from its pedestal to be with the rest of the mob and be a part of the subtle universe as Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. create with their music. The vocals from Claudius get more space and the guitars come to his place.
Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. is quite popular in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria, judging from their upcoming tour. Among other things, with concerts in German cities such as Hamburg, Berlin, Dortmund, Frankfurt and Hannover. Amsterdam will also be visited by these alternative rockers swing.
Note that the video is an old video but tells very well who the band is.

Orange Blossom Special
Original Article:

English Translation (By Google):
by Radio couch
Photo: MustardDesign
After a short audio sample of recent MetaModern Sounds in Country Music, the estimated listeners of Radio couch this time are kidnapped on the Orange Blossom Special Festival, which takes place every year at Whitsun in the contemplative Beverungen at the Weser.
The loud journal Rolling Stone “best small open-air festival in the world” offers a wide, hand-picked selection of music between supersanftem folk and rock-hard rock – we present that, among other things, the magical-musical medicine men of Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. of Denmark, the successful swedish-German venture Golden Kanine, the wonderful Neil Young disciples of Dangers of The Sea, the ravishing Folker Mister and Mississippi from the Netherlands, the U.S. Foothill Stomper Richard Johnston, the subtle harmonies of the Anglo-American couple Rue Royale and the grand Keston Cobblers’ Club of Great Britain. They all did their best in the heat of Pentecost Beverungen – and were even enthusiastic. To listen at on Wednesday, 18/06/2014, 22 clock, and on Saturday, 06/21/2014, at 7 clock on FM 88.4 and 90.7 for Berlin and Potsdam. Enjoy!

Original Article:

English Translation (By Google):


Almost three years after their second ep is Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co. finally ready with their debut album. As the title suggests, there is also a part two on the way. It will be released later that year.

Both publications are put together of 13 tracks recorded live in one day in an abandoned prison in Sweden. Five of these numbers represent all Anti-Solipsism part one – Creatures, and if you do not think it sounds like much, compared to for this to be an album, I’m inclined to agree with you, even though the total playing time rounds half an hour.

But the playing time is quite appropriate, for like the past be the case, it is a potent potion priest mixed. The band is a melting pot of nationalities and genres. Among the latter we find swing, rock-steady, blues, African rhythms and strikes of punk anarchy. High-octane roots music led by the always energetic frontman Claudius Pratt.

It’s ‘business as usual’ in the opening track, the only 2:41 long virvelvind “Candidate”, but then felt that the band has spent the time since Belligerent to refine term. Some of anarkien sorted out, and a more droning tone of repetitions in both music and vocals have made its entry.

It is both good and bad. In “The Truth” provides the scintillating percussion fine contrast to Claudius Pratt and guest singer Yaa Kakrabas vocal partnership before the number ends with a regular sermon. The subsequent “Mrs. Brown “is sweaty blues, but the album’s second half -” Hey Now “and the ten-minute” Home “- takes the character of race on the spot. There are too many repetitions but not enough to repeat.

Anti-Solipsism part one – Creatures is fine, but unfortunately not more than that. It will be interesting to see if part two invites you to listen again and re-interpretation of the first part.


Original Article:

English Translation (By Google):

A band with a name like “Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co.” has therefore at least as special, let propose to classify as deviant. The “RSSOC” is a quartet that comes from NY. They all have unusual names like “Angeryman” (Claudius Pratt: vocals), “The Sandman” (Justin Moses Gunn: guitar), “Colonel Taz” (Matthias Klein: drums) and “The Silk City Kid” (Martin Ollivierre: bass).

Their story really begins when they fly to Copenhagen in 2007 for the time being not to return. They themselves describe their music as “the new gospel of the wayward” (roughly translated: “the new gospel of the quirky”). They are in their own words inspired by “the good Lord, wine, whiskey and women.” Their music is devilish seductive rhythm & blues, with a strong sense of traditional Negro spirituals …

Their first part of their debut studio album “Anti-Solipsism Part 1 – Creatures” is an EP with five tracks, they have recorded in the Härlanda prison in Gothenburg, Sweden. The band stayed there for 24 hours, completely isolated from the outside world, to all the songs in live play. Part 2 is scheduled for the autumn.
[Editor’s note: Solipsism? Solipsism (from “solus” alone, and “ipse”, self) is the belief or philosophy that there is only one consciousness exists: that of the observer. The whole universe and all other persons being communicated exist only in the mind of the observer – Is all that we see around us really? Or are things and people in our environment due primarily to the fantasies of our own mind? How can I be sure that I do exist yourself?]

In January this year, the band gave a performance during ‘Eurosonic Noorderslag’ in Groningen, where she led Claudius Pratt, with his dark, sweaty body in a translucent blouse mirror tent warmed up a few degrees quickly. With their soul, gospel and blues, and Claudius’ raspy voice and mesmerizing movements continued his preaching about life, drink, women and power in God and he got the crowd soon dancing. In June in the Netherlands and also planned new gigs later in Germany.

Album tracks: 1 “The Candidate” – 2 “The Truth” – 3 “Mrs. Brown “- 4” Hey Now “- 5” Home “- All songs written by Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co.

Part 1 of their quirky EP … “The CREATURE” (creature)
Man is a fragile creature, just as corrupt and heroic as the creature takes shape. The struggling unrecognizable along the way while collecting stones … They gather in cities, led by their demons, bear their burdens and losses on the move all the intimate details of their lives.

I was a candidate, I was a deacon of justice, I was looking for the truth. I tried to represent my constituency … with pragmatic and resolute confidence, but oh, how fickle the mob … The noise of their chatter is changing as fast as the chatter of girls … They disappear quickly and you will be defenseless …

The album opens in unadulterated blues style with earthy story 1 “The Candidate” with seasoning Jenz Koudahl harmonica. 2 “The Truth” opens with mysterious African drumming of Ayi Solomon, and wail the story takes over and the tension rises slowly. 3 “Mrs. Brown “is a bit more calm in the company and can the gang quietly punching further jamming. In 4 “Hey Now” is again with some bluesy gospel shouts and may Jenz Koudahl get back his harmonica above. The Bible closes with a series of voodoo grooves in these endless valve 5 “Home”.

Thus spoke the “Reverend Shine Snake Oil Co.” … while they blessed their audience; that after this musical miss sweaty, hypnotized and impressed still left the tent …

Eric Schuurmans

The Shows reviwed by the media:

Augsburg 28.05.

Tübingen 02.06.

OBS 06.06.

Come and get it…

Catch them on the road with there new album….




Anti-tour A2-portrait.indd

For immediate release  – To all the fans of REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. we are happy to announce there has been overwhelming response to our new record “Anti-Solipsism pt.1 Creatures”. Because of this demand in varying territories we have had to delay our release date. For all our fans who are already on our mailing list and who sign up for the pre-release you will still receive the digital release on May 22nd. The new date for the physical release will be June 16th.

We sincerely apologize to those who we shall meet on the road for not having the album available for you, but we will have copies of our pre-release 7” “The Candidate” and we will also have special “Collectable Download Cards”. For those of you in Germany you should be able to find the record through our new distribution partner in Germany “NOISOLUTION” on June 30th. It will be in a few designated stores and available for mail-order.

Thank you,


A brief explanation about this limited edition.

The vinyl
By signing up at our SOAPBOX MUSIC Label website for the pre-order you will receive notifications for the release of the vinyl. These 500 copies will be available at shows and a few limited Record shops. For those who sign up they will receive a free digital copy of our first EP “SOAPBOX”. You will receive download codes via email with instruction on how to redeem them.

The digital release is also available for pre-order and when you do order it, you will receive our first single “The Candidate” and our Feature song “Home”.  The other tracks will be made available to you on the release date (May 22nd 2014). You will be notified by email.

Quotes from fans and friends…

I listened to the new album today and was mighty impressed!!! Great album!!! Great sound, man… the sound has a lot of space and room, it sounds warm and rootsy and all of sudden there are so many details and dynamics. Amazing! Love it. If I had to single out one highlight track it would be “The Truth”. Just epic!

– Anonymous


“This is the place that we call home this is the place where we belong…” sings the cult choir…and i feel the forgotten desire to smoke some weed! For me with “home” you created the deepest and the most captivating atmosphere that you ever made on a record!!! Sonic Opium..I love it!

– Anonymous


Stinking good!!!!! I really dig the last song. It might just be that it’s so different. Tell Justin his guitar solos are totally cool. Remind me of Robby Kreeger of the Doors. I know that’s probably NOT his intention, but great anyway. Your voice and the band have really progressed nicely man, good one!

– Anonymous

Evolution – The Making of…


The making of

The New Album “Anti-Solipsism pt.1 Creatures”


– REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. enters the studio for the third time, this time to record their first full-length album. SOAPBOX MUSIC in partnership with Ein mangfaldig kar (EMK) will release this first act in the newest gospel by REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. The first in the Anti series, 5 of 13 songs recorded live in one day in the old Härlanda prison in Gothenburg, Sweden. The Prison was designed by the architect Gustaf Lindgren and ready for use in 1907. In 1997 it was declared a listed historical building, The last prisoner moved out of the prison in 1997. What better place to explore your feelings of isolation than a cold prison floor. “Spending the weekend and setting up to record this record was a moving experience. I got sick, had fever dreams and was almost tempted to abandon the project. But once we got going we just could not stop.” – Claudius “These songs that we have selected for you are ones we have carried with us for a few years now, sharpening there edges we attempted to give them to as we did night after night at our live shows… But begin the showmen we are we added just a little bit of extra spice for ya. We brought in a few friends.” – Claudius The album will be released in two parts. The first act “Anti – Solipsism pt. 1… Creatures” has now been completed. Recorded by Roger Langvik, artwork designed by Jakob Bue, it illustrates the idiosyncrasies and delusions of a mad man lead by his ego and weighted down by his pride. REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. started in 2007 and have since then played over 500 shows in 9 different countries. Originating in New York now living Copenhagen this band of characters (The Sandman, Angeryman, Colonel Taz and the Silk City Kid) have formed a unique brand of music something they refer to as “soapbox music” celebrating the “American Sound” or what some refer to as roots music. But it does not stop there, there’s a distinct guttural sound that gains its power from the primitive and distinct polyrythems of Africa and the Anti-establishmentarianism of youth movements like punk-rock and hip-hop.

Release date: May 22nd 2014