Magnificent Music 10 Year Anniversary Showcase September 10th 2016

@ Roadrunners Rock & Motor Club

Saarbrücker Str. 24
Berlin 10405

ANGERYMAN – A.K.A Gamiel Stone SOLO Show….

SHOW:Saturday 10.09. at 21:15


You are cordially invited to “Magnificent Music 10 Year Anniversary Showcase”
Celebrating 10 years MAGNIFICENT MUSIC.

In September 2006 MAGNIFICENT MUSIC held their first concert with Cherry Overdrive, The Magnificent Brotherhood and La Ira De Dios at Berlin’s Roadrunner’s Club. Now 10 years later they bring a host of other acts to the club as well as four other locations throughout Germany & Denmark.

Specialists in Retro, Psych, Vintage & Stoner rock, they  look back on these 10 years, 2,500 appearances booked for about 60 bands and hope that you will come celebrate what has been an inspiring start to A “Magnificent” Agency that prides its self on bring you the best music on the scene….

ANGERYMAN aka Gamiel Stone (of Bands: REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. & HODJA) will be performing in his first solo show in many years. Come check out some new songs to add to your SOAPBOX MUSIC experience.

Now in his 7th year with REVEREND SHINE SNAKE OIL Co. and his second year with HODJA the ANGERYMAN is working on something new… It’s a “RECKONING” of the soul of a man lost in the world, wandering the globe looking for a place to thrive… Free of spiritual genocide… “Man is born a nomad and thus is his calling… The over development of city life has left many of us burdened with debut and neurosis that were previously unimaginable…” The ANGERYMAN bares all and in his confessions he finds his solace….

In the borough of Greenwich, on a damp winter’s night– a child is born. It is Christmas and the paternity ward where his mother lies is all but deserted. Most of the residents have gone home to be with their loved ones. A young woman twenty-five year of age lay on a hospital bed, tranquil, transformed by her experience of labor. She enjoys a candle lit dinner that’s been prepared by the nurses. Amongst the white sheets and sterilized instruments, in the dim light of her serene room he came into this world, quietly. His birth is not so significant–it is just another birth in a ward of a hospital, in a borough of a town, in a city called London.

She is a West African immigrant from Freetown, Sierra Leone. His Father is said to have been A Secret Society Elder, He had already fulfilled his purpose in this world and now walked amongst ghosts…



Berlin –

Berlin –

Click on the image above to watch “The Candidate” new video and first single from Anti-Solipsism pt.1 “Creatures”.
Click on the Album cover to purchase the album directly from the band or buy it on iTunes.
For a physical copy of the limited run (only 500 copies) go here.


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